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Tourism in Simdega

Simdega district is one of the promising and entertaining tourist locations of Jharkhand state especially for its historical significance, religious beliefs and not to forget the mesmerizing scenic beauty spread across the district. Thousands of tourists visit the location specially for its own attractions as well as the beautiful getaways from the district. The festival times are best celebrated in this location with folk dances and music which is quite attractive especially for the tourist. Some of the best locations for sightseeing in Simdega district is listed below

Kelaghagh Dam

Tourism in SimdegaOne of the interesting places of Simdega district is this beautiful Dam which remains en wrapped with magnificent hills creating a mesmerizing view for the spectators. Situated on Chhinda River at a distance of 4km from Simdega town this place is visited by almost every travelers. There are options for motor boating as well as parasailing in this location. This is an initiative taken by the district administration to promote tourism here. There is also a beautiful park located at the plateau in Kelaghagh. It may also be mentioned that Kelaghagh Dam is responsible for supplying drinking water to Simdega town and other neighboring areas.

Ram Rekha Dham

This is one of the pious locations with huge religious prominence based at a distance of 26km from Simdega town.  This sacred place is believed to be the place where Lord Rama, Goddess Sita and Brother Lakhshman  spend days while they were spending their 14 years of Vanwas days.  Other significant artifacts like agni kund, charan paduka, sita chulha and gupt ganga only made the belief more stronger. There remains idols for all Gods and Goddesses in the cave of Ram Rekha Dham and worshiped in a grand way specially on the festival days like Kartik Purnima which attracts a lot of tourists here.


For the best experience of scenic extravaganza this is one of the finest locations in Bolba block of Simdega district. Enriched with versatile flora and fauna this place has an eye catching cascading waterfall which altogether makes a beautiful picnic spot to spend quality time with friends and family.

Ketunga Dham

Situated in Bano block, this is one of the historic destinations of Simdega district. The significance of this place is the numerous Gautam Buddha idols based here. As per the historic relevance of it, King Ashoka while traveling back from Kalinga war to the famous Pataliputra, decided to make these idols.The place is protected by Archeological Survey of India.


Based in Thethaitanger block this is a wonderful location for tourist visit. The place host a field of sand and also has a beautiful waterfall enhancing the scenic beauty. It is an ideal picnic spot in the lap of Mother Nature.

Bairo Baba Pahari

Based in Phulwatanger village of the Simdega Block, this is a beautiful cave resembling a human body

Bhanwar Pahar

Based in Kolabira block this is a place famous for the black bees often termed locally as Bhanwar. As per the historic data, the bees present in this place were a war tool in the ancient days. Soldiers used to divert attacking army to these areas to save themselves. The place has a small hill filled with flora and fauna and verdant greenery. One of the unique flowers available here is Gulaitchi. There is also a pond here which is magically filled throughout the year even during the hot summers. The panoramic view from the hill top is simply arresting.

Mazar of Anjan Peer Saheeb

Based outside the Kolebira Police station this is a beautiful location which symbolizes the importance of harmony and social policing in a society. One of the major events in this location is Uras Mela which is celebrated every year and which pulls in several tourists every year.


This place is locally named as Ashok vatika since the trees found here are all Ashoka trees. Based in Jaldega block this is gift of nature to the villagers of Tingina.


Based in Bolba Block , this place has huge religious significance to the people of the area. Dedicated to Goddess Durga and Goddess Shakti, this place attracts huge number of devotees throughout the year. The place is also famous as a enjoyable picnic spot.

Travel Agent in Simdega

Hiring the services of a travel agent is the best way to roam around a tourist location as well as reap the benefits of the best arrangements. One of the reputed travel agents in Simdega district is
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Best time to visit Simdega

The best time to visit Simdega is the winter months from November to February. The weather remains cool and pleasant during this time and it is ideally best for sightseeing too.

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