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Shopping in Simdega

Shopping in a tourist destination is always a pleasure especially for the visitors. A similar feeling can be experienced by the travelers to Simdega as the city presents a plethora of all kinds of goods that may interest the visitors as well as the inhabitants of Simdega. Since it is a small town the choice of products may be limited but there remains availability of all almost all types of goods from clothing, to household items, home decor , best souvenirs, footwear, electronic products and many others.

Shopping in Simdega

What to Buy in Simdega ?

One of the key attractions of Simdega district has always been the handicraft items created by the tribal people based here. The people of this area have a key hand in creating some of the exquisite items that can be a collection of a lifetime. The artisans based here have expert touch in these creations and their uniquef skills can be seen in wood craft items, stone carvings, metal works, bamboo baskets, tribal ornaments and many others. So if the idea is to purchase a memorable item from Simdega it would be no doubt one from this beautiful handicraft works.

Where to Buy in Simdega ?

Simdega does not have too many markets in its area. There are only few shopping areas in the town which can be visited for any sort of products. One of the main markets in Simdega is Main Road Bazaar which is located near Agrasen Chowk. Almost all kinds of goods are available here. Apart from this Prince Chowk, Niche Bazaar, Indira Chowk, Jhulan singh Chowk also have smaller markets.

Footwear Stores in Simdega

Footwear are an integral part of proper grooming and styling. In fact it is a necessity that people wear good quality shoes not for best looks but also for protection of their feet. In Simdega though there are limited options in this regard, there are some shoe shops which are well stocked and keep best branded and quality shoes for its customers. The details of these shops are listed below.

Anas Boot House
Address: Plaza Complex, Main Road
Simdega Ho, Simdega - 835223
Phone: 8002480435

Vishwakarma Stores
Address: Club Complex, Ground Floor, Near Ram Janki Mandir
Gandhi Maidan, Simdega- 835223
Phone: 06525 226470

Sunil Footwear
Address: Prince Chowk, Near Bank Of India
Saldega Road, Simdega- 835223
Phone: 06525 225608

Garment Shops in Simdega

Garments are an important part of fashion and every individual has a preference for good and stylish clothes. In Simdega there are a few shops which deal with best quality garments for all all age groups and all individuals. The garments available here are modern styled and the prices of the products are also quite reasonable. Cotton garments are more preferred here so a lot of variety in this genre is available in the garment shops of Simdega. The shops have good stock of ready made garments for kids, gents as well as ladies.

Sangeeta Dresses
Address: Simdega Main Road, Near State Bank Of India- ATM
Mahavir Chowk, Simdega- 835223
Phone: 06525 225273

Annapurna Saree Centre
Address: Simdega Main Road, Near Punjab National Bank
Mahavir Chowk, Simdega- 835223
Phone: 06525 225496

Manjushree Textiles
Address: Simdega Main Road, Near Anand Bhawan Dharamshala
Agrasen Chowk, Simdega- 835223
Phone: 06525 225103

Jewellery Shops in Simdega

Jewellery is an important accessory that enhances the beauty of a person. Simdega has very few shops selling jewellery products in the area. However the only shop which sells it has a wide collection of various cosmetic jeweleries as well hand weaved tribal jewellery which is truly collectable especially for the tourist visitors. Apart from jewellery Bansal collection also has a wide range of gifting products which are truly attractive and quite preferred by the tourist visiting the district. Bamboo baskets, wooden wall hangings, candle stands, home decor items, wooden kitchen utensils are some of best selling products in this shop. The details of the same are given below.

Bansal Collection
Address: Main Road, Simdega HO, Simdega - 835223
Phone: 9431195857, 9334195857

Book Stores in Simdega

Books are the source of knowledge and a wonderful past time. In Simdega there is only one book stall in Simdega town which has availability of all kinds of school and college books in its shop. Apart from curriculum books it has collection of fiction and nonfiction books too of famous writers for the book lovers based here. However, it may be marked that latest novels are not available in this book shop. The shop also has a good collection of magazines both of native languages as well as the popular ones. The shop also keeps latest newspaper for the readers of the area.

Laxmi Pustak Bhandar
Address: Main Road, Simdega HO, Simdega - 835223
Phone: 9431327614, 9608899961

Home Appliances in Simdega

Home Appliances and Electronic goods have become a necessity in our daily life. To meet this requirement there are some of the best electronic goods showrooms in Simdega. Branded goods and reasonable price is the key features of goods available in the showrooms of the town. The shops have range of products available in their shops and some of them have offers and discounts to interest more customers. Almost all shops have trained and skilled professionals for the repairing of this kind of electronic goods which is also an advantage for the customers here. Some of the best reputed electronic shops in Simdega are mentioned below.

M/S Sound & Vision
Address: Simdega HO, Simdega - 835223
Phone: 9572954039

Vijay Electronics
Address: Bano, Near Simdega Block Simdega HO, Simdega - 835223
Phone: 9973684559

Hindustan Sales

Address: Near Natraz Gali, Jhulan Singh Chowk
Simdega HO, Simdega - 835223
Phone: 9693999949, 9939517971

General Stores in Simdega

General stores are the providers of daily chore needs and one of the most important stores for a well facilitated society. Simdega has a number of general stores based in all major markets and localities of the city premises. Though super markets and hypermarkets and not present in Simdega but these stores have elevated their standards keeping multiple brands and wide range of options in regards to household goods. The prices are also reasonable in these stores with occasional offers and discounts. Some of these stores have options for home delivery which is again a benefit for the customers. The below is a list of general stores operating in different parts of Simdega for reference.

Utkal Store
Address: Simdega Main Road Agrasen Chowk
Near Simdega Bus Station
Simdega HO, Simdega Jharkhand - 835223
Phone: 6525-226309

Jaywant Stores
Address: Khunti Toli Chowk Shiv Nagar
Near Hanuman Mandir
Simdega HO, Simdega Jharkhand– 835223
Phone: 6525-226457

Indra Bhushan Stores
Address: Niche Bazzar Ghochotoli Road
Near Hotel Durga
Simdega HO, Simdega Jharkhand– 835223
Phone: 6525-225417

RCM Bazaar
Address: Simdega Main Road Shyam Path
Near Bank Of India
Simdega Ho, Simdega Jharkhand - 835223
Phone: 9204030215

Lasia RCM Store
Address: Near Jharkhand Gramin Bank
Ranchi Road Laisa
Simdega Ho, Simdega Jharkhand – 835223

Ramesh Kirana Store
Address: New Daily Market Simdega HO
Simdega Jharkhand- 835223
Phone: 9801371493, 9835545466

Sharma Stores
Address: Prince Chowk Saldega Road, Simdega HO
Near Anand Marg School
Simdega Jharkhand- 835223
Phone: 6525-225645

Mobile Phone Dealers in Simdega

Mobile Phones are the most important accessories in todays date. Infact it is one of the major mediums to establish contact between individuals anywhere and everywhere. Also with avid services of the mobile phone companies and low cost rates it has become affordable for all kinds of people. In Simdega the demand of best quality phones with multiple features is on high, the reason why, the mobile phone dealers have a good business based here. All the dealers have option of repairing which is an added advantage for the buyers here.

Rani Telecom
Address: Neeche Bazar, Simdega, Main Road
Simdega HO, Simdega - 835223
Phone: 9199966635, 9334144805

Ayush Telecom
Address: Indira Chowk, Kersai
Simdega HO, Simdega - 835223,
Phone: 9934338596, 9905769264

Lucky Mobile

Address: Shyam Path Simdega HO, Simdega - 835223,
Phone: 9006344907, 8757253057

Hardware Shops in Simdega

Hardware goods are an equally important product for every household. In Simdega town there are availability of best rated hardware goods in the shops operating here. There are all sorts of hardware items available here and there are expert technician to help in this regard too. The costs of the products are also reasonable and affordable.

Rajendra Electricals
Address: Kurdeg Road Mahto Toli, Near Durga Mandir
Simdega HO, Simdega - 835223
Phone: 6525-226271

Goyal Hardware Store

Address: Main Road, Simdega HO, Simdega - 835223
Phone: 9430701102

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