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About Simdega

Simdega is one of the prominent cities of Jharkhand and is headquarter of Simdega district. Simdega was originally aligned to Ghumla district but was curved out of it on 30th April 2001. Located in the southern western division of the Indian state Jharkhand, the region is quite close to the capital city of the state, Ranchi which lies at a distance of 170km and Rourkela which is a part of Odisha at a distance of 77 km. Simdega district is also a part of Red Corridor which implies considerable Naxalite–Maoist rebellion in this area.

About Simdega
SP Office in Simdega

History of Simdega

According to historians, Biru-Kaishalpur Pargana was the earlier name for Simdega district. Raja Katangadeo was the ruler of this region. As soon as he breathed his last, the place was subjugated by Maharaja Shivakarna. Munda tribe, Kharia tribe, Oraon tribe and Rohta tribe have made this region their home since time immemorial. This has been in the period of 1441 AD to 1503 AD. The area was at the beginning a part of Kalinga Empire but it was rulers from great Ganga Vamsi (Gajapati) royal family of Kalinga-Utkala Empire (Odisha) who was given the powers of Biru kingdom. Simdega was the essential part of Biru kingdom. The Birugarh kings were the rulers of this area for ages. In fact they were the rulers even during the British Colonial era. The existence of the royal family can be still found in the village of Birugarh or Biru which is located at a distance of 11km from Simdega town on National Highway 23. The main population of this beautiful region till date is tribal community or “adivasis”.

Geography of Simdega

The exact meridians of Simdega is 22.62°North latitude and 84.52°East longitude. The average elevation of the area is 418meters. The boundaries of Simdega district includes Gumla district in the northern side, Sundargarh district of Orissa in the south, the west remains bordered by jashpur district of Chattisgarh and the east remains bounded by Ranchi and West Singhbhum district. Simdega is majorly covered by hilly regions and undulating plateau. Around 1194.50sqkm is covered with forested area in Simdega district which is around 32% of the total district area. The major trees found includes Sal, Mango, Gamhar, Bamboo, Jackfruit, Bija, Jamun, Neem etc. The inhabitants of the district are highly depended on forest produces which include Saal seeds, Tendu leaves, Cocoon, Lac, Chiraunji ,Karanj, etc.

Climate of Simdega

Tropical yet pleasant climate prevails over Simdega in Jharkhand. The region experiences three different forms of seasons mainly, winter, summer and monsoon. The summer months mainly stays from April to June. During this time the climate remains hot and extremely dry with temperature ranging from 16°C to 41°C. However May is the hottest month and June is quite humid. After the summer season, the monsoon comes which stretches from July to September bringing heavy rainfall to the area. This not only drops the temperature but also enhances the verdant greenery of the area. The winter season stays from October to February. The winters are extremely chilly and cold breeze is quite common here. The minimum temperature often falls to 10°C whereas the maximum temperature stays at 28°C. This is the ideal time to visit the area for tourism and sightseeing.

Demography of Simdega

As per the census of 2011, the total population of Simdega is 599578 of which 300,309 are male inhabitants and 299,269 are female inhabitants. As per the census of 2001 the present census records a growth of 16.58 percent in population which is again an increase of 15.20 percent against census 1991. The present density of population is 159 people per sqkm. As per census 2011, the sex ratio of Simdega district stays at 997 females per 1000 male. As per the records the total count of children from 0-6 years of age is 94,414 of which 47,962 are boys and 46,452 are girls. The total child population of the district forms about 15.75 percent of the total population which has decreased from 2001 census which showed 17.62 percent.

Administration in Simdega

Deputy Commissioner is the highest authority in the district having three major functions deputy commissioner, District Collector and District Magistrate. There are several other major offices and designated officers who help in this regard. The role of overall administration of the area which includes revenue collection, dealing with natural calamities, registration powers, managing circle offices treasuries , jail, hospitals, blocks, schools, courts and every administrative offices. For More Click Here

Culture of Simdega

Simdega has a majority of tribal population so the culture of the place is influenced by the heritage and the customs of these clans. Apart from this there are inhabitants from all other religions too like Hindus, Muslims and Christians forming a blend of cultures and habitat. The major festivals celebrated here includes Sarhul, Sohrai, Karma, Christmas, Holi, Badna, Tusu, Id, Dussehra, etc.

Economy of Simdega

One of the primary sources of income in Simdega is agricultural works. However the technique of agriculture used is quite primitive and old fashioned. Most of the rural families based here use the traditional methods for cultivation which results into far less cropping than its potential in the area. However the major crops yielded here includes paddy, maize, groundnut and blackbean etc.The soil of the region is quite fertile and supports cultivation of several crops. Laterite acidic soil is the major soil type available here. However the uplands are majorly covered by Stone and Morum.There are some prominent rivers in this area which includes Palamara, Deo, Girwa and Sankh. Among all this the latter is the most important river of the district.

Information on Simdega

Dairy industry is also a source of income. Thanks to the large numbers of milch cattle’s available here. The locals here practice breeding of milch cattle’s with local varieties. However administration has taken interest in the problem and several initiatives are taken for the betterment of the industry. Jharkhand State is a place which is quite famous for its rich mineral resources. Like every other place Simdega also has its own treasure of minerals which includes limestone and stone chips. However though there is abundant availability of these minerals there is absence of proper industries to utilize the same. The district has small and middle scale companies who are doing business on the same but the resource is not completely used.

Forest produce also contributes reasonably to the economic status of the region. Tendoo leaves are found in larger quantities in this area and almost all are exported to other states. Timber production and Lac cultivation are also done in this district. Other small industries like handicraft, tasar rearing, electrical works, auto mobile servicing and many others have also been sources of income here. However all this industries have not grown to its full potential and there are plenty of areas for development in this regard. Proximity to various prominent cities like Ranchi, Rourkela and Jashpur helps a lot in contributing towards trade and commerce of the area. Paddy and other forest products are exported from Simdega to other districts and state but a lot is imported too. There is unavailability of proper markets and people are depended on local bazaars only. In a nutshell there is scope for economical growth in Simdega but lack awareness, knowledge and infrastructure are the main hassles here.

Healthcare Services in Simdega

Simdega has one district hospital and two private hospitals. All the hospitals and nursing homes based here have experienced and qualified doctors and latest equipments to support proper medication. Though advanced treatment or critical cases are not dealt in these hospitals but almost all types of treatment are available here.

Sadar Hospital
Address: Sadar Hospital, Simdega
Simdega Ho, Simdega Jharkhand 835223
Phone: 9470943839

Refral Hospital
Address: Thethaitanger, Simdega
Thethaitangar, Simdega Jharkhand 835226
Phone: 9431518503

Mary Bandana Nursing Home
Address: Ghochotoli, G.E.L. Church Road
Simdega Ho, Simdega Jharkhand 835223
Phone: 9608590256

Apart from the hospitals there are PHC and CHC centers in all localities for quicker and best medical treatment at the earliest. The district has pathology centers attached to the hospital for all kinds of lab testing requirements. There are some of the best and reputed chemists shops present in the area. The details of the same are mentioned below.

Medicine House
Anand Bhawan, Main Road
Near Simdega Bus Stop Simdega Ho, Simdega Jharkhand 835223
Phone: 8969116784, 9471547650, 6525-225032

Anup Medical Hall
Main Road, Simdega HO
Near Sadar Hospital Simdega Jharkhand 835223
Phone: 7857069713, 9955533600, 9661810783

Utility Services in Simdega

There are availability of versatile services in Simdega though it is quite less in compared to the big cities or towns. There are even limited options for the facilities available. Some of the main services available here includes postal services, banking services and courier companies, mobile repair services etc. The details of the same are listed below for reference.

Police in Simdega

Superintendent of Police
Sri Prabhat Kumar,IPS

DSP(HQ.): Sri D N Oraon


Control Room: 100
For More Click Here

Banks in Simdega

State Bank Of India
Branch: Simdega
Ifsc Code: Sbin0001091
Micr Code: 835002202
Branch Code: 001091
Address: Dist Simdega, Jharkhand 835223
Phone: 06525-225339, 06525-226324, 06525-226349

State Bank Of India
Branch: Thetaitangar
Ifsc Code: Sbin0003581
Micr Code: 835002701
Branch Code: 003581
Address: Atthethaitanger Posimdega Dist Simdega, Jharkhand 835223
Phone: 06795-273122

Uco Bank Of India
Branch: Simdega
Ifsc Code: Ucba0000644
Micr Code: 835028202
Branch Code: 000644
Address: Dist Simdega, Jharkhand 835223
Phone: 06525-226228

Union Bank Of India
Branch: Simdega
Ifsc Code: Ubin0561789
Micr Code: Non Micr
Branch Code: 561789
Address: Biru Bhawan Main Road Simdega Pin 835223
Phone: 9661509489

Bank Of India (BOI)
Branch: Pakartand
Ifsc Code: Bkid0004977
Micr Code: 835013708
Branch Code: 004977
Address: Block Building, At & Po - Pakartand, Dist. - Simdega
Phone: 9431392348

Punjab National Bank (PNB)
Branch: Simdega
Ifsc Code: Punb0673200
Micr Code: 835024202
Branch Code: 673200
Address: Simdega Jharkhand 835223

Ifsc Code: Icic0001773
Micr Code: 835229202
Branch Code:001773
Address: Padamraj Singh Dev Maharaja Complex
Main Rd, Near Town Thana, Simdega Jharkhand - 835223
Phone: 8809977876

Branch: Simdega
Ifsc Code:Hdfc0002290
Micr Code:835240202
Branch Code: 002290
Address: Express Printer Building, Near Biru Complex
Main Road, Simdega Jharkhand - 835223
Phone: 0612-6160616

Central Bank Of India
Branch: Simdega
Ifsc Code: Cbin0284537
Micr Code: Non-Micr
Branch Code:284537
Address: Main Road, Prince Chowk Simdega
Jharkhand Simdega-835211
Phone: 022-22612008

Canara Bank
Branch: Koranjo Simdega
Ifsc Code:Cnrb0004624
Micr Code:Non-Micr
Branch Code:004624
Address: Canara Bank, Koranjo, Taluk
Dist-Simdega Jharkhand 835226
Email: cb4624@canarabank.com

Branch: Simdega
Ifsc Code: Ibkl0001349
Micr Code: 835259202
Branch Code:001349
Address: Biru Bhawan, Simdega, Jharkhand, 835223
Phone: 9973067063, 9572401024

Allahabad Bank
Branch: Simdega
Ifsc Code: Alla0212067
Micr Code: 835010202
Branch Code: 212067
Address: Simdega, Anuradha Store Building
Main Raod, P.O - Simdega Dist - Simdega Jharkhand, 835223
Phone: 06525-225900

Post Offices in Simdega

Main Post Office Simdega District
NH 23 Baraik, Simdega Jharkhand 835223

Courier Services in Simdega

DTDC Courier & Cargo Ltd
Address: Ram Janki Mandir Road, Simdega HO
Simdega Jharkhand 835223
Phone: 9308667171, 8986808038

Blazeflash Couriers Limited
Address: SAM Toli, Simdega HO
Near Gayatri Mandir, Simdega Jharkhand 835223
Phone: 9931172915

Mobile Service Centers in Simdega

Rani Telecom
Address: Neeche Bazar, Simdega, Main Road
Simdega HO, Simdega Jharkhand 835223
Phone: 9199966635, 9334144805

Raj Mobile Repairing Center
Address: Shyam Path, Simdega HO, Simdega Jharkhand 835223
Phone: 9006809498, 9431389486

Ayush Telecom
Address: Simdega HO, Simdega
Indira Chowk, Kersai Jharkhand 835223
Phone: 9934338596, 9905769264

Lucky Mobile
Address: Simdega HO, Simdega, Shyam Path Jharkhand 835223
Phone: 9006344907, 8757253057

Transportation in Simdega

Simdega enjoys moderate transport facility. The nearest airport to the district is Ranchi, Kolkata and Bhubaneswar. From all three places one needs to hire private taxis to reach the destination. However the nearest is Ranchi which is based at a distance of 150km. There are various car hire companies having services in this route. One of the reputed car hire company in Simndega is

SAN V Travels
Address: Main Road, Simdega HO
Near Bus Stand Simdega Jharkhand 835223
Phone: 9334057444

There are however nonstop buses both private and government buses that travels through Simdega, Ranchi, Ghumla, Katra and Rourkela to connect the district from all ways. Railways are not very good in Simdega district. Bano and Jaldega are the two blocks which are connected with railways and only few trains travel through it. There are two express trains that travel through Bano station and they are Bokaro Allepy Express and Tapasvini Express. Another popular train passing through Bano, Simdega is Hatia Jharsuguda pass. These station and block is situated on on the Ranchi-Rourkela rail route . Apart from this the station has trains from Dhanbad, Sambalpur, RourkelaPuri, Varanasi , Jammu Tawi, Jharsuguda and Hatia.

To conclude Simdega is one of the developing part of Jharkhand state and has a huge potential for improvement in every way. There are immense possibilities for tourism and other industries to boost the district economy. However initiatives are being taken to make the district sounder economically in every way possible.

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